Konzert mit Kirsty McGee

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Datum: Mi, 28.03.18
Uhrzeit: 19:30 - 22:00

Haus Mondial

Kurz vor Ostern gibt es noch ein Konzert. Es findet nicht  im „Haus 8“ (Ermekeilgelände) statt, sondern im „Haus Mondial“ der Caritats Bonn .

Dieses Mal zu Gast: die wunderbare Kirsty McGee aus Manchaster/UK.

Einlass: 19:00h
Start: 19:30h

Eintritt frei (Spenden sind willkommen)


„A fascinating talent.“ – Clash
Somewhere between Jazz, Folk, Gospel and
Americana there’s an area of music that doesn’t have a name. With a cartographer’s attention
to detail, Kirsty McGee – a wandering maverick and spellbinding live performer with a voice
that has been described as having the texture of smoke & velvet – has spent the past fifteen
years and seven albums mapping this place, tracking the common origins of song.
McGee’s output seeks to satisfy a ravenous musical curiosity which has taken her from the
midnight watermelon sellers of Odessa, Ukraine to The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and the
coarse, hot sand of the Mojave Desert. Her quiet revolution has gained her national airplay,
well over a decade of touring, radio play listing and sessions plus multiple awards and
Fans include Emma Watson and Danny Boyle, for whose 2014 thriller Trance the song
Sandman provided a cornerstone, both in its original version and covered by lead actress
Rosario Dawson.



Eine Antwort auf „Konzert mit Kirsty McGee“


    Das Konzert wurde vom „Haus 8“ in das „Haus Mondial“ der Caritas Bonn verschoben.
    Die neue Adresse ist: Fritz-Tillmann-Str. 9

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