The Simplicity of Changing the World

Datum: Fr, 20.04.18
Uhrzeit: ganztags

Rudolf Steiner Haus

Unlocking potential of teams and organizations for driving change

“Impact” has become one of the buzzwords of this decade, and creating social change now drives the motivation of many individuals and organizations. We care, we want to improve the lives of others, and we want to find fulfillment in our work.

At the same time we have to embrace a profound paradigm shift in the way we operate businesses and organizations. Trends like digitization (AI, cryptocurrencies, automation) raise new questions. And instead of the old hierarchies and goals, a central and shared purpose will now guide companies and their actions through complex and uncertain times.

Taking a bit of complexity science, mixing it with human sense-making and decorating it with love for life, we will create a menu of change in three steps:

1. Understanding social systems & leverage points for change

2. Purpose & Intention as guiding stars

3. Telling your story and inspiring others

After a deep-dive into the world of complexity science, we will engage with organizational and individual purpose as the key entry points for driving change. We will introduce the Kompano Framework as wholistic map for understanding evolutionary change. And finally we will draw on storytelling as a means for collective sense-making to communicate your purpose and inspire the people around you.

More details will be released prior to the workshop.

Registration & Tickets
If you are interested please find more information about pricing and tickets here:
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This workshop is for you when you are
– A young changemaker
– A representative of an NGO, social movement or an impact-driven organization
– A curious leader searching for new methods and frameworks

And have the intention to look out for new ways to understand change and inspire others.



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