Sunday Story: Long Distance Hiking – The gap between romantic and reality

Datum: So, 06.10.19
Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 21:00

The Tannenbusch House

Sunday is story time at the Tannenbusch House!
This time with Martin Schlobach, who will share about his recent extreme hike through the North American wildernis.
So come and learn more about the PCT – the Pacific Crest Trail.

In the words of Martin:
„I’ll talk about my PCT 2019 longdistance hike experience. In the beginning at the mexican boarder you are full of energy, fire and you have only one goal: reaching the canadian boarder. After three months of hiking you realise there are 2 – 3 months more to hike and it’s getting harder with every step and every breath you take. I’ll underline my story with pictures I took on the my hike.“

And remember: our sunday stories are a community event with potlock dinner. So bring some snacks, food, drinks or a few Euros to contribute! 🙂



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