Meet-up: “Trusting the system. New approaches to governance & leadership”

Datum: Mi, 08.05.19
Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 20:30

Social Impact Lab Bonn

In our next get together on the 8th of May, we will discuss alternatives to more classic or traditional management or governance structures. Social Impact Lab Bonn Heinemannstr. 34, 18:30-20:30

Can you imagine alternatives to the current leadership positions and governance structures in your company or organization? Do you feel that a broader definition of leadership is needed?

In this meetup, we will also introduce our experience as an organization which is lead by a leadership circle, which replaces the position of CEO or co-CEO at Unity Effect. The idea is to explore non-traditional governance structures, and the role played by values such as trust and (self-)awareness in this context.

It can be a challenge to overcome our preconceived ideas of leadership in order to give way to a more collective, co-creative and horizontal way of working, thinking and leading. Our question is: Do you think that this is possible and could work for you and your team?

As in our previous meetups (3rd of April & 6th of March), we will provide some input for the discussion and playfully share with you some of our ideas and methods, yet the outcome will be product of our joint action, thinking and experience. And you will also have the opportunity to connect with others in the field.

This time we will meet at the Social Impact Lab Bonn (Heinemannstr. 34, 53175, Bonn). This is a free event, however, voluntary contributions to expenses for materials will be appreciated.

You can check all the information about upcoming dates and topics by following our Facebook and Meet-up pages.



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