Lookslike avido – Fashion from Kibera to the World

Datum: So, 27.10.19
Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 21:00

The Tannenbusch House

27.10. from 18:30. to 21:00 is Sunday story time at the Tannenbusch House!

This time around we will have Ruven, who will share about finding a way to reach our goals and potential.

In his words: „Two amazing years in different African countries made me understand the creative potential that the continent has to offer. However, I never found a way to share this story in Europe in a way that people understand. When I met David, a young tailor and designer from Kibera, one of the roughest neighbourhoods of Kenya, I found a way…

My story is about finding purpose, empower people to reach their goals and having the courage to do the next step. I’m excited to come by!“.

Please note our Sunday Stories are a community event with potlock dinner. So bring some snacks, food, drinks or a few Euros to contribute! 🙂

Veranstalter: Tannenbuschhouse Oppelner Straße 69



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