Davide Brocchi im Tannenbusch Haus

Datum: So, 30.06.19
Uhrzeit: 18:30 - 21:30

Tannenbusch Haus

We are thrilled and excited to invite Davide Brocchi to the Tannenbusch House!

Davide is the co-initiator of the Tag des guten Lebens (Day of Good Life) and Agora Köln, researcher (focus on the cultural dimensions of sustainability) and an inspiration to many.
With his work he transforms entire neighbourhoods and classrooms into spaces for conversation & dialogue.

Just a couple of weeky back Davide published is recent book, die „Große Transformation im Quartier“, the Great Urban Transformation. Here a teaser:
„The book shows how these [local] initiatives help shape everyday urban space. By creating real-life laboratories where social tension can be expressed, they become the starting point for learning and social transformation.“

So what kind of future do we want to live in? And how can we create it in the now?

Come and join us on an exploration!



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