21.6. Aachen | FFF CENTRAL STRIKE – Climate justice without borders – united for a future

Datum: Fr, 21.06.19
Uhrzeit: 12:00


On 21.06. an international and central strike will take place in Aachen, near the country border triangle (Belgium-Netherlands-Germany). Our next big strike after 24.05.! In order to show that climate protection is a global problem for us and cannot be solved nationally, we would like to bring young people from all over Europe to Aachen. We are thus part of an action weekend in the Rhineland, to which all known climate protection organisations are mobilising. Throughout the weekend, for example, actions will take place in the Rhenish lignite mining area (Europe’s largest CO2 producer) from Ende Gelände, where people will block coal infrastructure with their bodies. In addition on Saturday 22.06. further actions take place. There we will participate with an FFF action directly at the edge of the opencast mine.

Our big strike in Aachen will start on 21.06. at 12 noon at several places in Aachen and will run from there on different routes (among others bicycle demos directly from Belgium and the Netherlands are planned) to a common conclusion. Therefore we are already in contact with many well-known musicians and are organising a big climate justice concert there!

Web: https://ac2106.fridaysforfuture.de/




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